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Welcome to the World Addison -Dallas/ Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

November 6th, 2013 | 14 Comments »

Oh Addison it was so lovely to meet you. You are so soft, sweet, and cuddly. Seriously this baby girl can cuddle! I look forward to seeing you again at 6 months and seeing how much you have grown.

abnewborn 01 Welcome to the World Addison  Dallas/ Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

addison  Welcome to the World Addison  Dallas/ Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

abnewborn 28 Welcome to the World Addison  Dallas/ Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Reister Martinez Wedding -Pasadena Texas Wedding Photographer

November 5th, 2013 | 22 Comments »

martinez  1 of 1 Reister Martinez Wedding  Pasadena Texas Wedding Photographer

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5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

July 31st, 2013 | Comments Off

So you’ve just gotten your hands on an iPhone. After playing around with it you are no doubt going to want to start using its camera. Or you already have and now want to step up your game when it comes to snapping pics.

Here are 5 tips (plus a bonus tip on apps!) that will have you taking better pictures. You might not become the next Annie Leibovitz (look her up), but you will get some satisfaction from improving your skill.


iphone2 5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

We’ve all seen enough photos to know that good photography is skill and art combined. One of the basic elements to a good picture is composition. When getting ready to take a pic, be sure to use the grid lines option. Not only will this will help line up your subject matter, but it can also let you work with the rule of thirds in your photography. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this concept. It will help. Then you can get fancy and break the rules if you want.


iphonephotography  5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

At its most basic level this is how much light is let into the camera in the amount of time the digital “shutter” is open. Analog film was exposed to a certain amount of light to capture an image. The principle is still the same in today’s digital cameras. Too much light will “blow out” the image as everything is overwhelmed by the light. An underexposed image will be too dark. The trick to an evenly exposed image is to keep the primary light sources to your back. So on a sunny day, try to keep the sun behind you so that your subject is well lit. Thankfully our smart phones are pretty smart! So a tip is if my subject is to dark I click on the screen that is dark and the exposer will then light up my subject, if my subject is to bright I click on the brightest spot and my subject should then be better exposed. This is super handy!


iphone3 5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

Do not use the digital zoom. No good can come out of it, only evil. Hyperbole aside, digital zooms never look as good as doing the focusing the old fashioned way: physically moving around to get the shot. Digital zooms have always been troublesome, even on real cameras, but even a slight attempt at digital focusing on the iPhone is going to flush the image quality down the digital toilet (IMHO).
Click on the screen you want in focus, let it focus, hold steady and snap. If the lighting is good the image will be a crisp picture.


iphone6 5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

Unless you’re going for a particular artsy style to your photographs, try to keep your subjects in even light. This will keep the object of the photograph pleasingly lit and avoid any overtly dark shadows that might turn your subject into something from a horror movie. If the light source is less than ideal (i.e. blazing sun at the beach, dusk, etc.) you might be able to play with our good friend exposure mentioned above.

Don’t use flash

iphone4 5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

The iPhone might come with a flash intended for use with the camera, but I find it better suited as a makeshift flashlight. The flash is pretty underwhelming and usually results in some washed out images. People might think that it allows you take pictures in total darkness, but that isn’t going to work. The flash is intended to boost available light, but it ends up just making things worse. Just try and improve the actual light surrounding what you want to photograph.

One more tip: always take more than one pic of anything you’re photographing. Digital pics are free. The days of worrying about running out of film are long gone. Space in your phone’s memory may be an issue, but you can always delete those Bieber songs.

“There’s an App for that”

iphone7 5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures

Yep, so many apps for cameras. Pretty overwhelming actually and what do all the buttons mean? This is going to have to be another blog post altogether but let me tell you some of my favorite ones.

Vscocam is my go to app, I love the look of it and I love that I can have complete control of my image with sliders so I don’t have to click on one and use it fully. This has been the downfall for most apps to me because the preset it way to intense. Also click on the tool button and you have so many controls you can play with from exposure to sharpness. I love being able to make my picture look the way I want, but perfect for a beginner who also wants to click a preset. Sign up to be on the vsco grid, it’s a cool way to display your photos.

Instagram is a must, what a great app to share your pictures and view them on the instagram website. I also love hashtags, perfect for adventures, kids, groups. Check out my #prosummer13 hashtag. Too much fun going on this summer!

I also have Frametastic, Incredibooth, squareready, and tiltshiftgen.

If you have any questions send them my way and I’ll be happy to help.



J&J Wedding- Dallas/ Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

May 9th, 2013 | Comments Off

JJ  1 of 1add J&J Wedding  Dallas/ Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

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Marlo&Mommy- Dallas/ Fort Worth Photographer

May 9th, 2013 | Comments Off

Mommy and Me pictures are awesome, how many moms do not get in front of the camera enough? I’ll raise my hand! I’ve been getting out from behind it myself lately and need to remember my kids want to see me in their photos years from now. No matter if I like the way I look or not. I love looking back on my moms hair or clothes. What treasures these will be for Marlo.

Modernartmusuemphotography Marlo&Mommy  Dallas/ Fort Worth Photographer

HugO’War. 2/52 Project. -Fort Worth/Dallas Photographer

January 13th, 2013 | 5 Comments »

Hug O’War

I will not play at tug o’ war.
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins.

-Shell Silverstein 

cylove  2 of 2 HugOWar. 2/52 Project.  Fort Worth/Dallas Photographer

To See Miranda’s Project 52 Picture, It’s pretty awesome! I’m a fan! click here and follow the blog circle with this great group of ladies. 

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